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Welcome to the new blog!

You guys.
This is the first post to my brand new website. You might have been following me for a while on my social media or know me from previous collaborations, or you might be a new visitor. If that is the case, hi! And thank you so much for visiting the blog!

Sooo. Who are you?!
For several years now, I have been doing illustration and design work under the name Finelinervreter. That is Dutch, for Fineliner eater. That name came about on a rainy weekend, when I was stuck somewhere with no fineliners at hand. Shock! I use them a lot to sketch out new ideas, write, and – you guessed right – draw. You might say I go through a lot of them. Which is why the metaphor of Fineliner eater worked so well for me.

The name stuck and the rest is history!
I’m working with both busineses and individuals to create illustrations that match their exact needs. A new image for your company website? A custom portrait of you and your boo? I can help you with that. For an overview of some recent clients, please check my landing page.

So why start a blog?
Well, that is actually a question that can be answered in twofold. One: I wanted to make it easier to get in touch with me and read about my business. Also, I have always dreamt of making it possible to effortlessly order ready-made illustrations online. This is now a reality, which is why this is a shop-in-blog. Or a blog-in-shop. Depending if you love shopping or reading the most. Hehe.

What can I expect?
In the future, I plan to share the following things with you through this web site.

  • Kick-ass posters, bags, t-shirts, postcards and commissions;
  • Freebies that you can go ahead and download whenever you please;
  • Giveaways, contests and collaborations;
  • Blog posts about creativity and inspiration;
  • Guest posts from interesting brands and people.

Let me stalk you online real quick?
Of course, you can follow me on facebook, instagram, twitter, all that jazz, so you can stay up to date about all this. I mean, aren’t we all a tiny bit lazy? Or is it just me?

Aaaand I have free stuff for ya.
If email is your thang, sign up for my newsletter below. (Don’t tell anyone, but you get a free creativity calendar if you do. Just because you’re cool.)