Custom work

Are you looking to hang a portrait of you and your loved one in your home or office? Or do you want to get something you didn’t see on my site so far? No problem: I got you covered. I will hand draw you whatever you have in mind – Finelinervreter style – based on materials provided by you: a picture, a description or whatever suits your purpose.

Custom illustrations you can order right now

Want a portrait of more people? Or something totally different?

I can draw almost anything on almost any surface – so don’t let this limit your creativity, only spark it. <3 I would be happy to talk to you about any other ideas you might have. Here are some suggestions:

  • A phonecase with your name or favourite things on it
  • A portrait of you and your pet
  • A portrait of your sports team as a gift to your coach
  • A poster of you and your siblings, as a gift to your parents
  • A wall painting for in your store or office

To order any custom work, click here!

What others say about it

Not convinced yet? Others have ordered custom work before you – and loved it.

About custom portraits:

Finelinervreter worked on a portrait of me and my best friend for our 20 yrs of friendship. Anna Lena has a unique style which is clean and cute. She took the elements of my story and placed it in the portrait which made it truly a portrait of ‘us’. The likeliness is there, if you know it’s you, which I really liked. Make sure you mention funny little details, she makes the portrait! – Iris

About invitations:

Anna Lena created our wedding invitation card. She knows us personally and therefore the drawing was (including details) exactly us, including a fun font. We did not want a tradional wedding card, with Anna Lena as our creator we got exactly what we had hoped for (and a beautifull wedding ;)) I would certainly ask her for our baby cards, somewhere in the future 🙂 – Lydia

About blog/website images:

Anna Lena helped me out with a custom made portrait to use on my blog. I had my own idea of it and wanted her to put some personal stuff into my portrait. She really did a good job and made a very nice drawing of me doing my thing as a food blogger. I love the way she draws and how she makes a picture you really recognize yourself in. Thank you Anna Lena! – Martine from Zeeuwse Foodie


How to order

To get on board with what you have in mind, please do send me your info and ideas through this form here. I will contact you on the email address you provide in the form, so make sure it’s up to date.


What you can do already
Gather as many pictures and information about your idea as possible for the most accurate results. You can send me these after I get in touch! Processing time may vary from 2 to 3 weeks after the completion of the briefing.


To order any custom work, click here!